Carte aux pizzas et les autres

Carte aux pizzas et les autres


Using a combination of authentic Italian and locally sourced ingredients, our chefs spent months perfecting the ideal Neapolitan recipe in our brand new pizza ovens. The result is a light, bubbly crispy base, with a range of toppings carefully constructed to complement each other and fully deliver on taste and flavour. This winter also sees the introduction of some new extras on the menu including chicken wings, nachos, hand cut wedges and and children's menu.

The kitchen is open 7 days a week from 4pm till 10pm.

You are more than welcome to telephone your takeaway order for collection at Le National. Our number is +33 (0)4 50 38 49 66.

Please note, the 2 4 1 pizza deal on a Tuesday does not apply to takeaway orders.   

Drinks at Bar Le National

We have a keen interest in quality drinks and hope this is reflected in the choice you will find behind our bar. Along with the old favourites, we also offer a range of craft beers and small batch artisan spirits. Coming from a Scottish background, we welcome the opportunity to showcase some of our local produce and give our customers the chance to try something a little bit different.